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Water Temperature

Visitors to the Emerald Coast swim all year long in the Gulf of Mexico. If you are visiting from anywhere north of Interstate 10, your view of "comfortable" water temperatures will be less stringent than the local's. From a local's point of view (those living south of Interstate 10), May through October are the best months for swimming in the Gulf. During these months, water temperatures rage in the Mid 70's to mid 80's. April and November can be a bit cool depending on surface temperatures.... upper 60's to low 70's is the norm. December through March is usually cooler, in the 50's and 60's.

Yearly Average Water Temperature

  • Jan 56 (cold for most people)
  • Feb 58 (cold for most people)
  • March 63 (depends on the weather.... can be cold or warm)
  • April 71 (depends on the weather.... can be cold or warm)
  • May 78 (refreshing..warm enough for locals to swim)
  • June 84 (everyone's in the water)
  • July 85 (very warm)
  • August 86 (very warm)
  • September 82 (nice)
  • October 74 (depends on the weather.... usually warmer than cold)
  • November 65 (depends on the weather.... mostly colder)
  • December 58 (no locals are in the water)

Destin Florida Weather

Climate and Weather

The Emerald Coast's balmy subtropical climate is one of the area's most valued assets. An average annual climate of 67.2 degrees provides just enough of a change in the temperature to mark the passing of four mild seasons.

High temperatures in the summer range from 80 to 91 degrees, and winter highs range from 50 to 75. Rainfall averages between 50 and 60 days per year, so few days are without sunshine for year-round outdoor activities.

Average of 343 Sunny Days Per Year

  • Winter Average Temp: High 70° 21C, Low 48° 9C
  • Spring Average Temp: High 82° 28C, Low 56° 3C
  • Summer Average Temp: High 88° 31C, Low 62° 17C
  • Fall Average Temp: High 84° 29C, Low 54° 2C

Current Offshore Weather

Destin Florida Weather

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